Green transport for a green city

Its safe to say that the Dutch are leading the charge for electric vehicles (EV); in fact, the Netherlands took the top spot on KPMG’s 2018 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index, due to the country’s renowned digital connectivity, acceptance of EVs and large number of charging stations.

So it should come as no surprise that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – with its 100 new battery-powered buses – is also stepping up to ensure a greener and more sustainable future. The new fleet is operated by Connexxion (Transdev’s Netherlands subsidiary) and will connect the airport to Amsterdam, Haarlem and other locations across the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“Schiphol is about more than just planes – it is one of the biggest public-transport hubs in the Netherlands,” said Miriam Hoekstra-van der Deen, Schiphol’s director of airport operations. “It is fantastic that, from today, thousands of passengers, commuters and employees will be taking green buses from and to Schiphol.”

But there’s more to come, as the airport will increase the 100-strong fleet to over 258 buses by 2021. “Ultimately, we want Schiphol to be climate-neutral by 2040,” said Hoekstra-Van der Deen. “This partnership with Connexxion and the Transport Region is a huge step towards this goal.”

Amsterdam electric car charging Edwin van Eis

An EV-ready airport in Amsterdam

Roughly 500 drivers have already taken special training courses on how to drive the new zero-emission buses, including safety procedures on charging the vehicles.

And even though the buses can only travel 80–90km before needing a charge, they feature a cutting-edge fast-charge system, which only takes 20 minutes for a full charge. “We specifically chose this approach, because we want to transport people and not batteries,” said Thierry Mallet, Transdev’s chief executive.

But it’s not just the buses in and around the airport that are electric: there are also on-site EV-charging stations available for passengers to use. What's more, the airport boasts a fleet of over 300 Tesla taxis – the largest fleet of electrically powered taxis of any airport in the world.