Driving meaningful startup-investor collaboration

Finding people to invest in your business can be one of the biggest challenges for any startup. But with the launch of the Pan-European Venture Capital Funds-of-Funds initiative, designed to boost venture capital investment into Europe's innovative startups, the amount of available funding for startups and scale-ups is expected to double in the coming years. So money clearly isn’t the problem – it’s getting it that is. But the secret to raising investments is not just about availability of money but surrounding yourself with the right people. This is where Angel Island comes in.

Kickstarted by initiatives such as StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta, the one-day event on 26 September 2018 disrupts how entrepreneurs, investors and their surrounding ecosystems come together. This edition will bring together 350 investors (angel and venture capitalists), 150 entrepreneurs (startups, scale-ups and champions) and 100 original thinkers, all to spark meaningful collaborations and help industries evolve. Oh, and the event takes place on the fortified Pampus Island, just outside Amsterdam.

According to Constantijn van Oranje of StartupDelta, “Angel Island is a unique experience. Sail, meet, connect, build businesses and have fun with the most remarkable people. Enjoy the best of Amsterdam!”

Angel Island

Making personal connections

One of the highlights of Amsterdam Capital Week, this community-driven event was designed to level the playing field between startup founders and investors. Launched in 2016, the initiative strives to make a difference to the startup ecosystem in Europe. By breaking the traditional pitching and investor meetings concept, Angel Island connects the unconnected to bring together entrepreneurs and combine the resources that will contribute to a sustainable and better future.

Attendees of the previous two editions noted that, despite the no pitching-allowed policy, attendees reported that they managed to secure funding due to the close connections built during and after the event. The ‘unconference’ is geared towards building close personal relationships with investors instead of speaking to just a job title in a company. And this year, the organisers are set to take things to a whole new level.

What to expect at Angel Island 2018

This year’s Angel Island event will be bigger and bring on board curated entrepreneurs and their hand-picked dream guests, including investors, influencers, mentors and clients. Ton van ‘t Noordende, CEO of 01 Ventures and founder of Angel Island, explains the updated concept: “This year we're working towards a framework that will enable the founders on a whole new level, not just funding related. We ask the founders who they would most want to meet and then we will do our best to bring those people to the island.”

Although it’s an invite-only event, founders, investors and influencers can request an invite on the Angel Island website. Go on then, get yours!