Social and personal factors

The World Happiness Report looks at various factors – both social and personal – that have been found to support happiness. Social support is an important factor, as are health, income, freedom to make life decisions and trust in one’s government and businesses.

Nordic countries and Switzerland also scoring high

In the 2017 rankings, Norway has jumped to the first place, closely followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland. The Netherlands comes in at sixth place, just before Canada as the highest-ranking non-European country on the list.

Dutch quality of life

The Netherlands’ high score in the World Happiness Report chimes in with other quality of life rankings in which the country and its capital have had positive results. Amsterdam ranks 11th globally and eighth in Europe in Mercer’s Quality of Living ranking; OECD Better Life Index, a measure of well-being in countries across the world, has the Netherlands as top-scorer for work-life balance and scoring above average for housing, education and skills, environmental quality and health status; and, last but not least, Dutch children are amongst the happiest in the world.