Amsterdam's ING and Philips score high in sustainability

Two Amsterdam-based companies were ranked among the global top 10 in a new index of the world’s most sustainable companies. Financial services group ING came in at fifth place, and electronics giant Philips took seventh place. A third Dutch company in the top ten was DSM, which came in at ninth place. Other Dutch companies in the top 100 include the publishing group Wolters Kluwer and computer-chip-maker ASML.

The Global 100 index, compiled by business magazine Corporate Knights, is unveiled each year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It ranks more than 4,000 companies on key performance indicators that cover financial and employee management, supplier performance and more. It considers companies around the world and in every sector.

Amsterdam leads the way in sustainability

It makes sense that some of the world’s most sustainable companies are based in Amsterdam. The city consistently scores high in global rankings of sustainable cities, and Deloitte’s new corporate headquarters in Amsterdam was recently named the most sustainable office building in the world. The city also striving to become even more sustainable. Efforts are underway to increase the number of households that use locally generated electricity, and the city is encouraging the construction industry to build greener properties. Likewise, Amsterdam is improving its air quality by promoting the use of electric transport, while also making its schools greener and healthier. These measures are outlined in the city's Sustainability Agenda.

Other examples of how Amsterdam has been a pioneer in this area include the city’s use of office furniture: the city works with a supplier that buys old furniture and then restores it, recycling the raw materials in high-impact ways. Amsterdam is also looking into recycling concrete, which the city uses large quantities of in its public spaces.