A startup recruitment agency in Amsterdam

StudiJob (Dutch link) is a recruitment agency that specialises in helping Amsterdam’s university students find part-time jobs. They wanted to contribute to Amsterdam’s successful startup ecosystem; after all, startups and scale-ups are becoming an increasingly important part of the Dutch job market. Since StudiJob had access to a massive pool of UvA, HvA and VU students, they thought: why not connect the two groups together?

Thus, StudiStartupJob – an initiative created by StudiJob, StartupAmsterdam and IXA – was born. On 2 February, StudiStartupJob had its official launch at StartupVillage in Amsterdam Science Park, celebrating the occasion with startup accelerator ACE Venture Lab, clean-energy startup Vandebron (Dutch link), digital-payments unicorn Adyen and several students who pitched themselves to the startups present at the event.

A clear demand and a clear benefit

When it comes to hiring, startups and scale-ups need ambitious and proactive employees who learn on the go and can get things done. However, hiring is an expensive and time-consuming process – especially when your startup is growing and you need more employees ASAP. StudiStartupJob can take away that hassle by finding the perfect match in seven days or less.

As for students, part-time work in startups and scale-ups can become a life- and career-defining experience. There are many startup vacancies that the student body should be aware of and potentially fill in. StudiStartupJob enables students to do relevant, paid, knowledge-intensive work in addition to their studies.

Matching students with startups and scale-ups: everybody benefits

“Startups need a very specific tailored-to-their-needs person. The great thing about StudiStartupJob is that they are an organisation that understands that and can deliver those tailored needs. There’s definitely great potential here,” said Sebastiaan van Lunteren, TechConnect Coordinator & StartupAmsterdam Representative. Together with Anne Cramwinckel, TechConnect Lead, they were the driving force in launching this project.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to connect Amsterdam’s 100,000 active students to growing startups in an easy and efficient way?” says Erik Boer, Director of the ACE Venture Lab accelerator. “There are so many students who are interested in startups and positive about entrepreneurship, but have difficulty getting their foot in the door. StudiStartupJob is a great opportunity for the entire ecosystem.”

Lianne Kappert, People Operations Manager at Vandebron, called StudiStartupJob “A cool concept that could really make an impact. Students are looking for a challenge in their side jobs, not just the ‘earning money’ factor. That’s something we at Vandebron also stand for: it’s important to start developing your skills early, asking questions, like: ‘What can I learn besides my studies’ and ‘What kind of company do I want to use my talents for?’ This is where StudiStartupJob becomes a facilitator – both for students and for startups.”

If you’re a student looking for a challenging and meaningful job at a startup or scale-up, become part of StudiJob’s talent pool (Dutch link).

If you’re a startup or scale-up that could use some part-time help with marketing, ICT, operations or even photography, get yourself a hire in seven days by filling out this student-startup form. For more info, visit StudiStartupJob.nl