Iconic building in Amsterdam

Startup incubator B. Amsterdam is expanding in the city yet again. After opening their new B. New York location on the Brooklyn waterfront last year, B. Amsterdam is now planning to open its third location in Amsterdam. The 12,000-square-metre space, which will be known as B.3, will be located in Amsterdam’s iconic Flightdeck building, just a four-minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The company’s first two incubator locations, known as B.1 and B.2, together take up 28,000 square metres, but they are already fully occupied.

“We knew that things would fill up quickly, and we were already making plans for a third building before the second building had even opened,” co-founder Guus Meulendijks told Dutch newspaper Het Parool (Dutch link).

Boosting Amsterdam’s role as a startup hub

According to Meulendijks, the popularity of B. Amsterdam’s workplaces has enhanced the city’s reputation as a breeding ground for startups. “Startups from around the whole world want to set up shop here,” he said.

B. Amsterdam provides creative workspaces and other services that growing businesses need. Its locations are popular meeting points for entrepreneurs, government and companies.

Amsterdam is home to many other leading co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, such as Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, Impact Hub, WeWork, and Spaces. The City of Amsterdam was the first in Europe to launch governmental accelerator Startup in Residence. The city has a vibrant startup community, and its well-connected network is key to the city’s role as a global launch pad. Amsterdam is home to more than 1,100 startups, and its startup ecosystem reflects the pioneering spirit of commerce that the city is famous for.