An impactful startup accelerator

Ever since its remarkable pilot back in 2015, everyone knew Startup in Residence was destined for big things in Holland’s startup ecosystem. So it should come as no surprise that the innovative accelerator –  which already has offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Gelderland – is continuing to grow, leaving a path of effective startup-government collaborations in its wake. The next big addition is Startup in Residence Noord-Holland

The initiative invites startups to devise creative and viable solutions to the social and urban issues faced by Dutch cities and their residents. From the new headquarters in Haarlem, Startup in Residence Noord-Holland will collaborate with startups and local businesses to solve the province’s biggest challenges, including citizen participation, energy-saving methods, smart mobility and the circular economy. Of course, the scheme actively encourages applications from ‘Wildcard’ startups with impactful solutions to the area’s other challenges, too.

An intensive programme

The six-month Noord-Holland programme kicks off on 6 June 2017 and has a lot to offer for the area’s startups. As well as having access to an office space in Haarlem’s Houtplein 33, participants will be assigned a committed sponsor from the Province of North Holland, who will co-develop a partnership with the startup (typically as a launching customer or funder).

The intensive hands-on training includes invaluable knowledge on lean-startup methodology, agile-working methods and growth hacking. The learning will take place during two full weeks of workshops and weekly peer-to-peer learning sessions. Participants will also take part in at least three community events with the province’s other governmental bodies, community partners and topic experts.

Sound good to you? If you wish to apply, head on over to the Startup in Residence website. Make it snappy, though; the deadline is 24 May 2017!