Help with finding funding in Amsterdam

Any startup in need of independent financial advice – or looking for funding between 250,000 and 5 million euros – is welcome to consult SmartFunding (Dutch site), who have just opened their new office in Amsterdam. Using the expertise of investment pro Dirk-Jan Weijers, the company works with Holland’s highest-profile banks, investment funds, private investors and direct lenders, offering funding options including bank loans, leasing, crowdfunding and factoring.

A new standard for SME investment

In Weijers’ view, startups and scale-ups are too quick to seek funding, often before they’ve come up with a business plan or have a clear direction. A common mistake is not going for a large enough sum: “You’re better off applying for what’s most suitable for your company right now,” says Weijers, “rather than having to do it all over again in half a years’ time.”

The company’s goal, then, is to set the standard for funding in the Netherlands, helping SMEs (small- and medium-sized businesses) secure investment that’s planned, obtainable and – of course – matches their ambitions.

A more panoramic look at funding

Entrepreneurs tend to have a one-track mind when it comes to funding, focusing on platforms such as crowdfunding and ignoring many of the other, more suitable options. SmartFunding helps open businesses’ eyes to these other possibilities, offering in-depth knowledge and partnerships with banks and alternative financiers.

The company makes entrepreneurship easier for startups and SMEs, taking care of finance so that the companies can focus on what they’re best at: doing business. "I have an eye for growth potential and innovation, and I love pointing entrepreneurs to the right opportunities and helping them avoid obstacles – all so that they can grow,” says Weijers.

How to apply

To apply, head on over to, or give Dirk-Jan Weijers a call at 06 5472 2979.