Efficient and sustainable

The newly announced Green Datacenter Campus is a collaboration between the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the Schiphol Group and developer SADC. The campus, located at Schiphol Trade Park, is already attracting international interest. The first additions to the efficient and sustainable data centre ecosystem are expected to be set up in 2018.

SADC and the Green IT Amsterdam foundation have been working together since 2016 on linking digital infrastructure to sustainability, and the Green Datacenter Campus is the result of this collaboration.

The campus will welcome data centres – as well as data centre specialists from the fields of ICT, energy, engineering and education. Its advantages include campus security, space to expand and excellent connectivity, due in part to being so close to AMS-IX, the world’s largest internet-exchange point.

The campus will also enable new initiatives, such as the integration of renewable energy and heat exchange. Residual heat can be used by the greenhouse horticulture area nearby, which will contribute to Amsterdam's transition towards a circular economy.

An international allure

The establishment of the Green Datacenter Campus demonstrates the region’s commitment to making the country even more internationally competitive in the digital industry.

“The development of the Green Datacenter Campus strengthens Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s position as a major transport hub,” said Schiphol's CCO André van den Berg. “The further development of digital infrastructure will also be of crucial importance for Schiphol’s future”.