Selected startups

The preparations for the Munich Bootcamp are in full swing. In the meantime, we invite everyone to get acquainted with the ten startups that have been selected for the journey:


Industry: travel

CheckAndPack use and collect data from leisure travellers to gain insights and prepare people for their trip. According to founder Ardan Bousche, their ambition to join the bootcamp was fuelled by a desire to better understand the German market. As Bousche points out: “We’ve already launched in 11 countries but Germany is the most difficult to understand. I would love to understand the German way of doing business as well as the travel ecosystem there.”


Industry: e-commerce

KeenDelivery, formerly JetVerzendt, is an online booking platform for shipments. Their mission is to simplify making shipments for various types of customers. Founded three years ago with four employees, the company today has more than 35 employees (and growing); in 2015 and 2016, it received the FD Gazellen Award by the prestigious Dutch business newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad. Of the Munich Bootcamp, KeenDelivery’s CFO/COO Bert van Ravenswaaij says it “fits perfectly in our goal to start up in Germany next year. My goal is to learn, meet peers, and maybe even partners and clients. We can share our know-how of the Dutch market, which is a very e-commerce-minded country. For myself, I’m looking forward to a very interactive bootcamp and sharing my 15-plus years of experience with others.”

United Wardrobe

Industry: e-commerce

United Wardrobe started out with the goal of creating a radically new marketplace experience for buying and selling second-hand fashion. They’ve grown from a 35k-turnover in 2014 to 105k in 2015 and 425k in 2016 – if they keep this pace up, they will pass the one-million mark in 2017. Such growth enables the company to spread its wings and launch in other countries, and coincidentally, one of the countries United Wardrobe has set eyes on for expansion in 2017 is Germany. As founders Sjuul Berden and Thijs Verheul say, “it would be very interesting for us to join this bootcamp. How can we contribute? The past three year we have been doing and learning a lot about online media, online marketing and the startup life and we would love to share this experience with others.”


Industry: travel/media

With offices in Amsterdam and Vienna, Cabture’s taxi information service has 90.000 unique users every month. “We are scaling up and are preparing to enter the German market, so we would love to share our vision and accomplishments,” says founder Louaie El Rowidi. “Our goal for this bootcamp is to meet and get introduced to partners in media, tourism, airport and travel hubs and the taxi industry.”


Industry: automotive

Fixico is an independent online and mobile platform where insurers, fleet-owners and car owners can quickly obtain, compare and select deals for cosmetic car repair. They’re working with more than 500 high-quality repair shops that place bids through a closed bidding system, enabling Fixico users to save significant amounts of time and cost. “We are currently launching Fixico in Dusseldorf and Cologne,” says Fixico CEO Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, “and are planning to launch in Munich in Q2 2017. We therefore are actively looking for partners, employees and introductions to the startup world in Germany. We have experience in starting and scaling an internet business in the conservative automotive world and are happy to share insights in all fields.”


Industry: mobile

StuComm is the company behind the StudentsApp, which helps educational institutions effectively communicate with their students. Eighteen institutions currently use the app, and they are growing towards the 500,000 active users mark. StuComm’s clients include some of the biggest universities, universities of applied sciences and community colleges in the Netherlands. “We feel that this bootcamp could really help us launch our business in Germany, say co-founders Ronald Kouvelt and William Viveen. “We have already done market research about Germany and have seen that there is real potential for our StudentsApp. The bootcamp could provide us with valuable insights and lessons that would help us with our expansion plans. We also hope to meet valuable networking partners, possible customers and business partners.”


Industry: internet/media

InBeacon’s platform uses different types of sensor technology for location-based customer intelligence and is used by customers such as Coca Cola, Heineken, De Telegraaf and Kantar TNS. Their launch at SAIL Amsterdam 2015 won them the Dutch Interactive Award. Founder and CCO Remco Bron says: “inBeacon’s goal for 2017 is to expand to other European countries. Germany is at the top of the list for this expansion plan, and we see this bootcamp as an important kick-off point.”


Industry: media

Utrecht-based StreamOne is a technology startup that offers a Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) with the mission to help companies manage, distribute and monetise their video content in the best way possible without being stuck to one vendor. The StreamOne video solution integrates easily with current and legacy environments; and their VPaaS can be deployed in one day, using pre-integrations; and when up and running, the feature-rich player plays video without delay as one of the fastest in the market. Founder Ruud van der Linden says: “We see Germany as the main country after the Netherlands for expansion and Munich as the centre for digital media in Germany so this bootcamp would be a great introduction.”

Uil VR Solutions

Industry: IT/VR

VR Owl is a virtual reality company that develops and delivers a full suite of VR products and services. According to CEOs August Janmaat and Rik Olde Loohuis, “Germany is a far bigger market than the Netherlands, however, it lags behind in adopting VR. For us, it’s important to be on top of things and prepare for the next generation of VR solutions. During the bootcamp, we would like to attract investors, as well as distribution partners and get started with our expansion into Germany as soon as possible.”


Industry: health & fitness

OneFit has been described as ‘the Netflix for sports’ as the OneFit app enables people to book thousands of workouts at high-quality health and fitness studios in Amsterdam. The flat-rate membership also enables customers to check in for free training at a variety of gyms. OneFit’s unlimited membership scheme was launched in 2015 and is now live in five cities in the Netherlands and Germany. Founder and managing partner Serge Brabander says: “Our goal is to launch OneFit in all major European cities and we consider the DACH [Germany, Austria and Switzerland] region a focus area. Another goal of ours is to build relationships in the international (and German) startup community.”

There you have it: ten top-notch startups ready to take the German market by storm. Stay tuned for a breakdown article of what those two days in Munich looked like.