Strengthening ties between India and Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s already great ties with India just got even better, as ICAI – India’s national accounting and finance professional body – chose the city as a base for their 30th chapter, the institution’s very first in an EU territory.

Amsterdam’s India desk was set up over 10 years ago, and since then, the number of Indian companies in the Netherlands has grown to a whopping 180. The presence of these companies in the country is already impressive, and the new ICAI chapter is set to improve it even more.

“This set-up will further boost the India-Netherlands business relationship, as this country has now emerged as the new business gateway to Europe, due to Brexit and certain political uncertainties in Germany and other European hubs,” said Vikas Chaturvedi, chairman of ASSOCHAM Europe and ICAI.

A great environment for Indian companies

Amsterdam provides the perfect business ecosystem to help international businesses thrive, packed with terrific tech talent, business support schemes and favourable tax agreements. In addition, the city’s connectivity is among the world’s best; thanks to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Goa are just a short flight away.

“We’ve been here for over a year now, “said Samir Chada, the general manager of Indian airline Jet Airways Beneleux. “The traffic potential between the Netherlands and India is huge, and Schiphol Airport is marvellous for the unique hub operation we have at Jet Airways.”

Naturally, every international company that moves to Amsterdam needs an accountant, so ICAI’s new chapter provides even more support for Indian companies that have already made the big move.

A home away from home

It’s not just the business environment that’s attractive: Amsterdam already has an established community of Indian international newcomers, and the city is teaming with events and services that cater to the community. Bollywood movie screenings, an annual Diwali celebration, the yearly family-friendly cricket match and a whole host of social events are sure to keep homesickness at bay.

Not to mention: the city boasts a dedicated Indian health desk at Amstelveen’s hospital and an impressive selection of international schools. And the India Business Meet Event – organised annually by ING, KPMG and the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade – makes it easy to build lasting relationships between Dutch and Indian companies.