A programme packed with FinTech and cyber-security expertise

After three months of hardcore training and mentorship at the three-month Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity programme, the participating companies strutted their innovative stuff at the event at the Rabobank Headquarters in Utrecht on 7 April 2017.

Throughout the programme, the participating companies collaborated with over 150 clued-up mentors, partners and investors. The ground-breaking companies put their heads together to overcome many challenges throughout the programme, being pulled out of their comfort zone – all in a bid to transform the space of the industry, creating a more technologically safe world in the near future.

“These 12 amazing ventures have ridden the waves of the intense three months of the programme with the help of our partners and mentors, and we are very proud of their achievements,” said Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of Startupbootcamp Global.

A successful day for the startups

It all culminated in the demonstration day, where the companies pitched their ideas to hundreds of partners, investors and mentors.

“The innovation in the FinTech space is coming from promising startups and the interconnections between these new players. FinTech is all about rejuvenation,” said Michael Dooijes, the managing director of Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity. “The future looks very bright for these startups, they are a perfect match in the collaboration with the corporates.”

The 11 participating companies were:

  • Budgently (Netherlands): a banking solution created for millennials by millennials. They secured an extra €20,000 in funding during the Startupbootcamp programme by winning the second prize in The Hague Innovators Challenge 2017.
  • Encedo (UK): a provider of encryption as a service (EaaS) to protect any data on any device with any operating system – anytime, anywhere. There are already five VCs interested in the startup following their demonstration.
  • Flymble (Netherlands): Flymble allows users to book flights through social networks and easily spread the cost into monthly payments. They are already generating bookings in their open beta, and their UK launch is happening this August.
  • M-vendr (UK): this Africa-focused company aims to increase financial inclusion via their white-label Mobile Point of Sale. A whopping £3-million in monthly transactions are processed via the platform.
  • Milestone (Netherlands): using a data-driven approach, Milestone provides tools for investors to understand, execute and manage marketplace-lending investments.
  • POM (Belgium): POM is a payment app that archives users’ invoices in a quick and secure way. The app has had over 30,000 downloads so far and has secured deals with some high-profile banks.
  • Schluss (Netherlands): Focused on cyber security and privacy, Schluss is a social-impact startup that can help companies with PSD2 and GDPR.
  • SeedWise.Capital (Netherlands): this startup secures digital currency investments, decreasing the risk associated with trading in Bitcoins.
  • Spendolater (UK): developers of an app that makes investing easier, helping financial institutions engage millennials with micro investments.
  • Virtual Broker (Bulgaria): Virtual Broker offers a smart back-office system, a web-sales platform and a mobile app.
  • WolfWay (Italy): WolfWay unveils unique investment opportunities by analysing market dynamics based on investor behaviour.
  • iProov – Scale-Up in Residence (UK) iProov delivers secure online authentication using effortless face matching that is protected from spoof, replay and hacking attacks.