Amsterdam-based organisation to connect startups

e/d/t Global feels that early-stage startups building some truly ground-breaking technology are getting lost in the noise of the increasing number of tech companies. The foundation believes these founders are unable to reach the ‘pioneer status’ they deserve, as they are unable to reach those who can help them most.

e/d/t wishes to change this by connecting these cutting-edge startups and pioneers with the names that can really help them within their markets: influences and community leaders – empowering local communities in the process. The foundation – unfettered by profit and stakeholders – is aiming to support local communities and build the world’s first global business community. And it’s all starting with a blockchain event.

e/d/t’s first event: blockchain

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin are all over the media these days, and for good reason. Blockchain – the tech that is revolutionising digital currencies such as Bitcoin – is set to change the very space of finance as we know it, and – of course – startups are the ones leading the charge. However, this cutting-edge new tech can seem pretty intimidating to founders and companies who are unfamiliar with it. Is this you? Not to worry: e/d/t’s first event has you covered!

The event is launching at Amsterdam’s TQ on 22 November 2017 at 16:30 (you can see the venue in the header image above the article). It's kicking off with a 90-minute workshop called ‘BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAIN – WTF!?’. The name speaks for itself, but the workshop – presented by Critical Mass – will give participants everything they need to understand the basics of blockchain: its fundamentals, where the tech originated, where it is today, how people have applied it, how you can apply it and more.

After the workshop, there’s an amazing line-up of in-the-know speakers, including Toby Lewis (CEO of Novum Insights), who'll be opening the event; Galia Benartzi (co-founder of the Bancor Foundation), who'll share her views on why we need blockchain; and Piers Ridyard (CEO of Radix), who'll explain more about the tech behind it.

Following this, there's an insightful panel discussion, ‘From Command-Line_ to Reality: When and How Will the Blockchain Happen?’, moderated by James Roy Poultier (CEO of Blockchain Reserve). He’ll be joined by panellists Kellogg N. Fairbank (sales & merchant acquisition lead at Monetha), Daniel Haudenschild (CEO of Swisscom Blockchain AG) and Marleen Evertsz (CEO of Nxchange). Needless to say, those are some huge names in the industry.

Want tickets or extra information? Head here.