Among the cohort are entrepreneurs who offer solutions for challenges such as excessive rain water, obesity among children and healthy cooking for mental care institutions. These entrepreneurs will receive expertise, knowledge and access to the City’s network to realise their growth ambitions.

Renowned impact entrepreneurs and experts will guide the participants in the following months by refining their strategy and business model and strengthening the operational side of their business. At the end the Cohort Phase, the result will be presented at the Stakeholder Forum (27 June).

Partners & experts
Next to the support of seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors, the participants will have access to the City’s expertise concerning e-care, clean air & mobility, healthy lifestyle and urban green. Impact Hub Amsterdam coordinates the programme and shares its knowledge on topics such as business modeling, marketing, financial forecasting and pitching.

The participants
The cohort is made up of early-phase enterprises that have a proven concept and that are ready to put their solution on the market and to increase their impact. The goal is to contribute to a healthy city.
All4elevation: Crowd source elevation data to mitigate and prevent floods
GoBioMiles: A platform that facilitates the choice for biofuel by every traveller, rewarding that traveller with free electric taxi rides to the airport
Start met Happen: A fresh and healthy do-it-yourself meal for shared living spaces in care institutions
Access to Health: Improved accessibility of care for expats and migrants
Contagiously Healthy: Providing nutritional advice and supporting people to “break up” with sugar
Rain(A)way: Permeable tiles that let rain water circulate directly into groundwater and that helpmake water visible in the city to contribute to a climate resistant city
Nettie: Activating a patient’s social network to improve collaboration between professional and informal care
VraagApp: An online service that answers daily questions of people with a cognitive disability within 5 minutes by hosting a community of volunteers
Totem Open Health Community A digital care community that creates affordable and accessible health solutions, based on open source wearable technology