Accelerating digitisation in the Netherlands

The California-based networking multinational Cisco has launched an investment programme to help boost the digitisation of the Dutch economy. Over the next three years, the Digital Acceleration Netherlands (DAN) programme will see Cisco working closely with the Dutch government, industry and education. By accelerating digitisation, the Netherlands can boost its GDP, create new jobs, and provide innovation and education across the public and private sectors.

The programme will focus on elements such as digital skills and training, the digitisation of the transport and utility infrastructure, healthcare, education and cyber-security. It will also offer support for entrepreneurship and business innovation in the Netherlands, with a specific focus on startups.

Historic leader in innovation

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Cisco’s Executive Chairman John Chambers discussed the plan with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

“The Netherlands, a historic leader in innovation, is taking the necessary steps to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem that will enable them to continue to lead in the global digital economy,” Chambers said. “We believe with effective utilisation of the Digital Acceleration Netherlands programme, the Netherlands will see its GDP grow faster than would otherwise be possible.”

Cisco will also provide Dutch startups with access to its European Venture Capital initiative, and the programme will build and expand upon Cisco’s existing partnership with the Dutch StartupDelta platform, which helps startups accelerate their businesses and expand internationally.

Projects for smarter transportation and cyber-security

The details are still being worked out, but some other target ideas include free training courses in Dutch schools. Cisco will also be conducting pilot projects with Dutch institutions in the fields of intelligent transportation, digital healthcare and energy. An alliance is already in the works with The Hague Security Delta – a network of companies, governments and research institutions in The Hague that stimulate safety solutions.