Amsterdam Science Park welcomes new industries

German electronics company Bosch is the newest multinational addition to Amsterdam Science Park. The company’s new Delta Lab, a joint initiative with the University of Amsterdam, opened on 6 April. ­­­

The lab will focus on fundamental research in deep learning and will initially welcome an international team of ten PhD researchers and postdocs. Bosch will also send its own researchers to Delta Lab. The ultimate goal is to publish cutting-edge research, with some of the results finding their way into future Bosch products such as car parts and appliances; for example, new pedestrian-detecting features for vehicles or better optimisation of engines.

According to UvA professor Max Welling, who will co-head the new lab, Bosch will benefit from the machine-learning ecosystem that already exists at Amsterdam Science Park. “We are joining a number of strong initiatives here, like the Qualcomm Lab, plus startups like Scyfer,” he said. “Having Bosch at the park will only increase the momentum by helping to attract more companies and more top-quality researchers.”

More multinationals join Amsterdam’s business ecosystem

Bosch is not the only multinational company to choose Amsterdam Science Park. In 2012, Nikon and UvA opened the Centre of Excellence in Super Resolution Microscopy. Also, chip-maker ASML established the Advanced Research Institute for Nanolithography (ARCNL) at the park in 2013, where research is conducted on key topics for the global semiconductor industry. 

In 2015, American tech giant Qualcomm opened a joint research lab with the University of Amsterdam at ARCNL, dedicated to machine-learning techniques such as image recognition on mobile systems. And the new site of Tata Steel opened at the park in 2016, where researchers work with innovative startups such as UvA artificial intelligence spin-off Scyfer. Another innovative company conducting research at the park is Avantium, a leader in chemical technology. 

Amsterdam Science Park is one of Europe’s leading scientific research hubs and is home to more than 8,000 scientists, students and entrepreneurs. With its eclectic mix of renowned research institutes and about 120 companies, Amsterdam Science Park is a vibrant melting pot where business, science and innovation come together.