Applyr’s chatbots want to manage the top of the corporate recruitment funnel

The initial phase of recruitment is often the most overwhelming to corporate recruiters. An unmanageable volume of applications means recruiters need to spend more hours on a relatively low-value function, which leads to both potential loss of top-talent and a poor experience for the candidates. New Amsterdam-based AI startup Applyr wants to change all this with their intelligent chatbots. Applyr’s bots will engage with, pre-select and schedule interviews with candidates, allowing recruiters to focus on the right ones only. Applyr will also improve the candidate experience by reducing wait time, reducing email back and forth and providing relevant, customised feedback to applicants.

The bots are smart and configurable, and provide intelligent insight

Applyr’s chatbots are designed to provide candidates with personalised conversations and the most human experience possible. The bots integrate directly with the recruiter’s website and application tracking system, rather than third-party chat platforms. They can also be configured to reflect the recruiter’s brand and culture, and include an analytics tool called Applyr Insights that hiring managers can use to oversee the results. Being an AI, Applyr is of course capable of learning from its interactions, and so improving itself and the value it brings over time.