Invaluable experience for startups in Amsterdam

At the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living accelerator programme, up to 10 selected startups will be given the chance to collaborate with over 150 mentors, investors and partners to develop world-leading products. At the end of the intense three-month accelerator, the startups will present their ideas to hundreds of stakeholders at a Demo Day. The main aim of the accelerator is to grow the startups into industry-leading companies with a particular focus on sustainability. 

Key focus areas

For the accelerator programme, Startupbootcamp is mainly looking for startups in the following areas:

  •  IoT
  • Open data
  • Smart health
  • Smart building
  •  Urban planning
  •  Waste management
  •  Smart home
  •  Smart mobility
  •  Smart retail
  •  Smart government
  •  Smart grid
  •  Smart energy
  •  Smart agriculture
  •  Smart production

Startupbootcamp's impressive track record

Startupbootcamp is a global accelerator with 15 programmes across 10 cities. Their in-depth experience helps globalise startups by introducing them to an international network of the people who can help startups the most: investors, partners and mentors. So far, the programme has been a great success: 85% of startups who have taken part so far are still active, and 73% went on to raise further funding from world-leading angels and venture capitalists.


The deadline for the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living accelerator is 10 February 2017. Apply on the Startupbootcamp website.