Amsterdam: a city of talent 

Amsterdam’s most informative business magazine is back with its seventh edition, this year themed around talent in the Dutch capital. The AMS talent issue takes a deep dive into how Amsterdam has bolstered its already great talent pool, showcasing why its world-class workers are the envy of other major cities.

The issue contains in-depth interviews and testimonials from some of the city’s most prominent businesspeople, as well as detailed articles on how Amsterdam is leading the charge in sustainability, innovation and the circular economy. As always, the magazine is a platform for entrepreneurs and internationals who have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit of the Dutch capital.

A knowledge-filled issue

In addition, there are knowledge-packed pieces on the Dutch capital’s role as a city of science and why Amsterdam is a magnet for foreign talent and cutting-edge startups. Also under the spotlight this year is Almere and its increasing role as a force to be reckoned with in the Dutch logistics ecosystem. As usual, there's a comprehensive facts-and-figures section, giving a breakdown on Amsterdam’s key businesses stats and rankings.

The magazine is offered free of charge and will be widely distributed at embassies, foreign trade missions, offices of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and to international companies and residents of the area. In addition, the issue is also freely available online on our AMS page

If you’re interested in distributing copies of AMS at a business event or hotel – or if you’d simply like more information –  please email [email protected] or visit our subscribe page.