What the heck is MadTech?

Everyone knows Amsterdam is a leading force in FinTech, medical tech and – well – tech in general. But the city is also faring extremely well on the MadTech (marketing-and-advertising technology) scene. Just when we thought we wouldn’t have to memorise another acronym…

Essentially, MadTech is a sector that falls on the ever-blurring line between ICT and traditional marketing and advertising. Amsterdam’s tech-and-creative talent pools alike are among the world's best, so it should come as no surprise that the city’s currently rocking this mad new subsector. Couple this with its awesome startup ecosystem and an unparalleled digital infrastructure, and you’ve got yourself a MadTech force to be reckoned with.

Amsterdam’s leading MadTech startups

The city is home to some of the most cutting-edge MadTech startups and companies out there. First of all, there’s inSided, a provider of inventive community-engagement tech. Their pioneering platform integrates seamlessly with mobile devices, websites and the social web, leading to some very happy customers, including TomTom, SNS Bank and Rabobank.

There’s also Media Distillery, who develop video-analysing tech that applies AI and deep-learning techniques to text, speech, logos and face recognition. This rich analysis of video content allows companies to monitor their presence and reputation on television – as well as on web platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

And let’s not forget about Crobox, whose smart, data-driven product combines consumer psychology with machine learning to influence purchasing habits via the human subconscious. Trust us, that's not a synopsis from an upcoming sci-fi movie – the geniuses over at Crobox have actually developed this tech!

With other Amsterdam-based heavy-hitters – including world-leading Twitter analytics tool Twitter Counter, interactive-ad specialists Layar and WiFi monetisers SO WIFI – there’s a wealth of Amsterdam MadTech inspiration to draw from for many of the city's would-be entrepreneurs. And the presence of Silicon Valley big dogs Optimizely and DoubleDutch definitely doesn’t hurt, either.

Colliding with MadTech in Amsterdam

This boom in the capital's MadTech industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon; Amsterdam's dedicated MadTech accelerator, Collider, will make sure of that. The organisation supports startups focused on tech-based customer engagement and influence. The first programme runs from June to September, with applications open until 28 April. Apply here, if you want to become part of Amsterdam’s madcap Madtech movement.