Amsterdam, an attractive force

New business research (Dutch link) conducted by Regus, a provider of flexible workplaces, showed that 60% of business professionals in the Netherlands predict that Amsterdam’s role as a business region will grow. Likewise, about half of those business professionals say they envision Amsterdam as the leading financial centre of Europe in the future. The city, they say, has the right mix of capabilities, and several exemplary financial companies that have already set up shop here are leading the way. The research was based on a survey of almost 1,600 Dutch professionals who work in fields such as management, finance, logistics, marketing, HR, production and more.

“The attractive force of Amsterdam remains strong,” said Patrick Bakker, Regus’ CEO for central Europe. “There are many business opportunities in the capital that we can realise together. Regus Nederland has seen the demand for flexible office space in Amsterdam double over the past two years. The addition of the brand-new Singelstaete [Dutch link] business centre on the Singel, for example, extends the portfolio of existing business centres in Amsterdam.”

Amsterdam's fashion, creative, and finance industries

The study also found that 60% of business professionals in the Netherlands believe that Amsterdam is the ideal city for fashion brands to be based in. About 40% feel that it is essential for businesses in the creative industry to have an office in Amsterdam, and about 40% also say the same of large companies in the financial sector.

Amsterdam’s central location and excellent digital infrastructure make the area a popular location for European headquarters, and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area attracted 42 new international headquarters in 2015. In that same year, a record number of 140 new international companies established offices in the region.