Startup-investor connections in Amsterdam

Everyone knows that one of the biggest challenges for any startup is finding that first angel. Enter Angel Island. Kickstarted by initiatives such as StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta, the one-day event on 26 September 2017 will bring together 200 angel investors, 200 startup founders and 100 global influencers – all to spark meaningful collaborations and help industries evolve. Oh, and – as the name suggests – part of the event actually takes place on an island!

“I’ve travelled to more than 30 cities in Europe in the past eight months, and I’ve seen the same issue across the board,” said Ton van 't Noordende, the founder of Angel Island. “Founders still spend a lot of time trying to find that first round of informal funding and – unfortunately – often don’t realise they need to do their due diligence as well. We’re here to break open those informal networks and get that first-hand knowledge sharing going.”

A new kind of business event

Angel Island subverts the tropes of typical business events. You’ll find no pitches, keynote speakers or name tags here – just natural conversations in a relaxed setting. The community-driven event begins with an informal boat ride to the island, where the Angel Island team will help break the ice the between angel investors and founders. Attendees will then meet their personalised crews of two angels and three founders.

After the boat ride, the attendees will continue on to the island itself, where they’ll be grouped together with like-minded investors and founders. They’ll then be encouraged to have open conversations on some of the hottest topics in business. Of course, the event will end with a bang, with an exclusive party back in Amsterdam.

“Angel Island combines the best of Amsterdam: boats, DJs, a fortress, crazy creative people - with the coolest international crowd of founders and investors,” said Prince Constantijn van Oranje, special envoy of StartupDelta.

Building on last year’s success

Last year’s event was a huge success; the participants wholeheartedly welcomed the new informal type of event, and some truly invaluable connections were made. Many of last year’s founders left with new global contacts, investment knowledge and even series A rounds.

“Angel Island has given us the amazing opportunity to connect with angel investors in an informal setting, which resulted in an investment within 60 days,” said Barqo’s founder, Floris van Hoogenhuyze (a participant of last year’s Angel Island).

Although it’s an invite-only event, founders, investors and influencers can request an invite on the Angel Island website. Well, what are you waiting for?