Soft-landing sessions and dining with Munich’s investment scene

In early 2017, StartupAmsterdam and StartupUtrecht were busy scouting for startups that could accompany Amsterdam and Utrecht’s trade mission to Bavaria. Finally, the final 10 participants were chosen and the plane tickets were booked. On 13 February, the bootcamp kicked off at Munich’s Werk1, where the startups briefly introduced themselves and shared their expectations. The session that followed was held by Munich’s service providers: Global Savings Group, Dentons, Restracon GmbH and Spark Reply, as well as the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Munich. All gave an overview on their respective topics and explained how doing business works in Munich.

After lunch, there was a session with Invest in Bavaria – StartupAmsterdam’s counterpart in Munich, which offers foreign startups a soft-landing package. They gave a presentation on “How to set up your company in Munich?” and presented an overview of the city’s startup ecosystem.

This was followed by a session from Berlitz on cultural differences, addressing such issues as “how to do business in Germany?”, “how to present oneself?” and the dos and don’ts of doing business in Germany. Afterwards, Deutsche Bank discussed the investment climate in Munich and how banks help startups in Germany.

The day was rounded off with a dinner organised by Ton van ’t Noordende from Amsterdam’s Keadyn. Van ’t Noordende had invited key players from Munich’s investment scene, so a lot of connections were made that evening, and for that StartupAmsterdam, but especially the participating startups, are very grateful.

Meeting launching customers and industry experts

The second day of the trade mission and startup bootcamp was kicked off by Amsterdam alderman Pieter Litjens and Munich’s Deputy Mayor Josef Schmidt giving keynotes. Later on, startups had a chance to meet with Litjens and with Utrecht alderman Jeroen Kreijkamp and Consul General of the Netherlands in Munich Peter Vermeij in an informal setting, where the three officials could talk to startups one-on-one and brainstorm about how they could help with the startups’ expansion plans.

Afterwards, there was a session by Munich Startup, specifically by their Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Böhmer. Böhmer shared insights on the local startup ecosystem and offered a helping hand on behalf of Munich Startup.

Later, the bootcamp participants went for a tour to the BMW Startup Garage and met its founder, Gregor Gimmy. Experts from BMW were also present, and startups had the chance to ask questions about marketing, investment and a potential collaboration.

Just before the pitching event, the startups had the opportunity to talk to a number of launching customers: FlixBus, SendCloud and Munich Airport

As a final treat, the pitching event took place. The audience consisted of nearly 70 people: investors, industry experts, startups, other ecosystem stakeholders and tech enthusiasts.

Get involved

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