The only operational startup programme for refugees in the Netherlands

DELITELABS is a pre-startup school that promotes entrepreneurship among refugees, locals and recent migrants through training, education, mentoring and incubating promising startups. More than 100 students have already joined this intensive course, making the most of almost 1,120 training hours given by 50 lecturers who are already connected to DELITELABS’ growing network.

Access to quality training programs and professional networks is difficult for entrepreneur refugees, making this programme vital for the prospective entrepreneurs. DELITELABS aims to promote partnerships between refugee entrepreneurs and local professionals through lecturing and mentoring, which emphasises mutual exchange.

Business expertise and networks needed

DELITELABS is looking for lecturers and mentors who are professionals with relevant industry expertise or knowledge – particularly those knowledgeable in business models, prototyping, marketing, finance, accounting, Dutch legislation, fundraising and other business-related fields.

Why join as a lecturer or mentor

Becoming a lecturer will allow you to showcase your expertise and improve your skills as a professional trainer, and it will create social impact by training DELITELABS’ promising group of aspiring entrepreneurs. Professionals who are willing to share their specific industry network are invited to register as mentors. As part of the programme, lecturers and mentors share their expertise and stories with talented refugee entrepreneurs who are seeking inspiration and are keen to create their own ventures.

To sign up as a mentor or lecturer and be part of this inclusive entrepreneur community, please visit the sign-up page on DELITELABS' website.