Amsterdam leading the way in clean transport

Amsterdam set a new record in 2016, with 28,889 people charging electric vehicles in the city (Dutch link). This is an increase of 53% compared to 2015, which saw 18,815 people charge their vehicles in Amsterdam. In 2016, drivers of electric cars in the city also loaded enough energy to travel almost 25 million kilometres, which is more than 600 times the circumference of the world. The number of public charging points in the city also grew substantially, from 1,550 to 2,030. This map shows the charging points located in Amsterdam (Dutch link) and indicates where a charging point is currently available.

Actively promoting green driving

Amsterdam wants clean air, as it is ideal for the health of the city’s inhabitants as well as for the city’s attractiveness and viability. This is why the City of Amsterdam actively promotes electric driving; for example, they offer subsidies to people who buy an electric car, and they also give electric vehicles priority on the waiting list for a parking permit. The Dutch capital is already very far along in the transition to electric transport, and in 2016, Amsterdam won the E-Visionary Award for the second time, recognising the city’s role as a global leader in this transition.

Amsterdam, a city of trees

Amsterdam is also involved in an innovative project being carried out by MIT called Treepedia, which aims to make the world's cities more pleasant places to live and work. MIT’s Senseable City Lab developed an online platform that maps out the tree canopy in major cities, to make it easier for urban planners and citizens to see where more trees are needed. The project uses Google Street View to create what the MIT team calls the Green View Index. Amsterdam’s degree of tree coverage was quite high among the cities measured so far, with an index of 20.6 percent.