8th in the EU and 10th Overall

Ipsos has ranked Amsterdam 8th in its Top Cities 2017 EU country Index. The survey polled the opinions of over 18,500 adults across 26 countries who weighed in on their favourite cities to visit, live in and do business in. Amsterdam ranked 8th in the EU Index, and 10th overall.

The first city to break into the top ten since 2013

Amsterdam is the first city to break into the top ten since 2013. The city also ranked 6th in the Top Cities for Living Index and 8th in the Top Cities to Visit Index.

The Dutch lifestyle seems to attract people from most surveyed countries. Most Europeans surveyed expressed a great interest in living in Amsterdam, as did Americans, Brazilians and Chinese, amongst others.

A Gen-Z favourite

Breaking the votes down by generation, Gen Z (born after 1996) ranked Amsterdam at 9th place overall, and 5th to live in. Millennials (1980-85) and Gen X (1966-79) both ranked Amsterdam 10th overall, showing a healthy interest in living in and visiting the city. In addition, the Baby Boomers (1945-1965) had a healthy interest in visiting and living in the city.

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