An opportunity to join Amsterdam's thriving tech scene

The exciting new initiative sees the city’s tech giants and startups joining forces to attract talent to the city. So far, project: a has seen 10 innovative companies coming up with 10 cutting-edge, future-changing projects. But what does this mean for you? Well, to get the ball rolling on these developments, the 10 companies need the brains and experience of business analysts, software engineers, AI experts and more. That’s where you come in.

Usually these companies are directly competing for your in-demand skills, but not this time! project: a sees them putting their differences aside and collaborating – all in the name of putting your skills to good use. And the participating companies are simply teaming with tech innovation: TomTom, Adyen, Picnic, bloomon,, Bynder, Growth Tribe, Squla, 3D Hubs and Alliander.

A top-quality job isn’t the only thing the top 10 applicants get: they’ll also be receiving an all-expenses-paid trip to Amsterdam, where they’ll meet the companies, get interviewed by their preferred employers and attend the World Summit AI as a special guest. Talk about getting the VIP treatment! The application deadline is 25 September 2017, and the candidates will be announced on the following day. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list of job opportunities below! Apply at

TomTom: defining what’s next _ in autonomous driving

TomTom Amsterdam project a ICT

TomTom need an R&D computer vision engineer for their Autonomous Driving Team. From TomTom’s headquarters in Amsterdam, the successful candidate will research world-class algorithms and models to innovate the company's map technology for self-driving cars. They will work together with professionals in an open, friendly environment where creativity is key. Of course, the successful candidate also have access to a huge amount of labelled maps-related databases, and their innovative solutions will be put to practice – changing people’s everyday lives.

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Adyen: defining what’s next _ in payments technology

Ayden (FinTech) Amsterdam project a

FinTech extraordinaires Adyen were one of the first unicorns in the Netherlands. Despite their incredible success so far, the company is still in the early stages of its growth, so they’re looking for a senior Java developer to join their world-class dev team to help build the FinTech infrastructure of the future. The successful candidate will communicate with stakeholders and customers, and monitor impact. They will oversee the design, implementation, testing and monitoring of new functionalities, identifying and improving parts of the platform to make them more robust and scalable. They will also collaborate across teams and time zones, reviewing code and learning from feedback.

Apply for this project. defining what’s next _ in food delivery Amsterdam project a – Europe’s leading food-ordering website – need a business analyst to join their new Customer Analytics Team. The company’s growth has skyrocketed over the past few years – boasting millions of orders and double-digit growth, so they need your skills to create in-depth customer analysis and operational marketing analytics. The role involves developing metrics and KPIs with various stakeholders, making information and KPIs available for other departments in dashboards and helping with the numerical justification of business cases. The successful candidate will also play a key role within the new Customer Analytics teams, which are responsible for implementing a cutting-edge data-driven strategy for the company.

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Picnic: defining what’s next _ in online grocery shopping

Picnic Amsterdam project a

The world’s fastest-growing online supermarket, Picnic, are working on further developing shopping via a conversational voice interface. What started as a mobile-first venture is now a true AI-first company, where all innovations and operations are powered by a machine learning core engine. Sound good? You’re in luck; this is no small feat, so they’ll be needing an AI software engineer.

Food-supply-chain logistics is highly complex: there are perishable products, different cooling requirements, intricate transportation requirements, complex packaging, varying product quality and a non-trivial quality identification processes. So the successful candidate will work on the automation of Picnic's warehouse operations by autonomous and networked mobile robots and ultra-fast conveyor belts for fully machine-operated splitting, receiving, replenishment and dispatching. This can include, for example, motion planning (path, trajectory and graph search), pick device and vehicle control (kinematic model, path stabilisation, trajectory tracking, predictive control and linear parameter varying controller) – there are no constraints!

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Bynder: defining what’s next _ in digital asset management

Bynder Amsterdam project a

Bynder’s cloud-based SaaS tool aims to help marketeers streamline their workflow, and the company continuously evolve their product and architecture by introducing new microservices that communicate with event streaming services. Their vacancy is for a senior software engineer, responsible for designing and implementing their new authentication and authorisation microservice (AAA). Together with the team, you'll chose the most suitable language and database engine. You will be the main back-end engineer for the microservice architecture, so you'll need to communicate directly with product owners, designers, the architecture team and other members of the development team. Up for the challenge?

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bloomon: defining what’s next _ in the flower industry

bloomon Amsterdam project a

Flower aficionados bloomon need a senior full-stack developer to help develop a grower platform to forecast future purchasing and production needs. The company works with the latest technologies to promote rapid development – think React.js, Redux, Webpack, Material UI, Node.js, Hapi, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ and more. The successful candidate must be comfortable writing decoupled micro-services, challenging those writing monolithic APIs and indirectly communicating through an event stream or PubSub.

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3D Hubs: defining what’s next _ in 3D printing

3D Hubs (ICT – 3D printing) Amsterdam project a

Got a penchant for 3D printing and data? It’s your lucky day: 3D Hubs – the globe’s largest online marketplace for 3D-printing services – are on the hunt for an experienced data engineer. The role involves working on the core engine behind the company's platform. You'll need to firstly build data flows and data structure to provide the Finance, Product, Business Development or Marketing teams with valuable data from different internal and third-party systems. Essentially, the successful candidate will help build a unique experience for engineers, designers and architects who use 3D printing to prototype their next big idea.

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Growth Tribe: defining what’s next _ in digital growth skills

Growth Tribe Amsterdam project a

Growth Tribe, Europe's first growth hacking academy, are looking to recruit a skilled AI teacher and data scientist to help better personalise their customers’ learning experience. Teaching artificial intelligence makes up 80% of the role, and 20% involves developing machine learning models. The successful candidate will create content for the courses, collect and analyse survey data, generate descriptive reports and dashboards, develop predictive models and clustering analysis, evaluate the impact of different online and offline interventions, and prescribe actions based on data analysis.

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Alliander: defining what’s next _ in energy distribution

Alliander Amsterdam project a

Alliander distributes energy such as electricity, (bio)gas and heat. One of the company’s challenges involves utilising AI to help with the rapid transition towards sustainable energy. This new age of energy requires a faster, more flexible decision-making process. Get involved by applying for their senior AI consultant position. Responsibilities include discovering and inventing new ways of working by applying expert knowledge of AI and machine learning, designing and developing AI systems to automate and optimise budget planning, and collaborating with internal stakeholders on projects (as well as partner institutes and universities worldwide.)

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Squla: defining what’s next _ in children’s online learning

Squla Amsterdam project a

Squla’s learning programme was crafted to fuel children’s curiosity for knowledge, anytime and anywhere. Their biggest challenges revolve around creating adaptive, personalised learning paths for students. So if you like the sound of making the world a better place through education, their senior full-stack developer vacancy is the one for you. The successful candidate will build innovative features on the fun-learning platform, at scale and in a distributed architecture, for multiple country-deployments. They will also utilise machine learning algorithms and work with data scientists to solve the company's biggest challenges, deploy code to the live platform using a continuous deployment pipeline, commit code to github, build and run automated tests in Jenkins, deploy to AWS, and design and create automated and performance tests.

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Find out more about project: a by reading the official press release, and be sure to check out other tech and startup vacancies in Amsterdam.