Amsterdam gets top scores on many key indicators

Amsterdam again performed very well in the key indicators that make it an attractive city to live and work in. For example, in the most recent edition of the Tech Cities Global Rankings, an annual survey compiled by global real-estate services provider Savills, Amsterdam came in at fifth place out of 22 global cities. This is especially impressive considering that all of these 22 cities were chosen for being at the forefront of tech, making them at the ‘top of shopping lists’ for companies looking to expand internationally. The Savills survey, which was published on 13 February, looks at factors such as business conditions, tech environment and quality of life. “The famously creative bohemian capital is also home to a thriving tech scene,” the report said of Amsterdam. It scored especially well in terms of “city buzz” and has the unique advantage of an almost completely bilingual culture, with around 90% of Amsterdam’s residents speaking both English and Dutch. “Amsterdam has much to recommend as it is one of Europe's major tech hubs,” the report said.

Connected and liveable

Likewise, Amsterdam did very well on the 2017 Global Top Ten Colocation Ecosystems, a survey published on 9 February that compares global cities based on their data centre density and overall connectivity. The report is produced by Cloudscene, a directory of international data centres and found that Amsterdam scored second place worldwide.

Amsterdam also came in at fourth place out of 168 European cities in the Innovation Cities Index, a survey compiled by the Australian consultancy 2thinknow that was published on 23 February. Their comprehensive index looks at a wide range of factors, including architecture, urban planning, culture, education, science, nature, logistics, mobility, public safety and entrepreneurial climate.

Amsterdam consistently ranks high on many international indexes, surveys and reports.

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