Amsterdam and Utrecht collaborate with Bavaria

The collaboration between the Amsterdam and Utrecht regions is unique, marking the first time that the two Dutch regions have organised a trade mission together. The fact that over 90 participants – including a large number of startups – will take part adds to the innovative nature of this trade mission.

The objective is to build and enhance networks within Bavaria, a German province that represents 18% of Germany’s GDP and offers attractive growth opportunities for companies and startups in industries such as digital media, eHealth and urban mobility. As business relations in Southern Germany are mainly built upon through personal relations, it would be heartening to conclude the mission with agreements on further collaborations; however, these kinds of results are usually only achieved after extensive collaboration and networking over one to three years.

Digital media

Bavaria is an attractive market for digital-media companies: around a quarter of the German top-100 media businesses are based there, including United Digital Group and Kabel Deutschland GmbH. On 11 and 12 February 2017, eight Dutch companies will participate in Digital Media Camp. This two-day crash course offers them the chance to learn about the activities of the Bavarian digital-media sector and share ideas; for example, a round-table session hosted by consultancy firm Roland Berger will be a great opportunity to make new contacts. Additionally, on 13 February, the delegation will visit key industry players in Munich, such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and Bayerische Rundfunk. 


On 13 and 14 February, the eHealth delegation will take part in a programme that will connect them with potential partners in Bavaria. On 13 February, the delegation will visit the Medical Valley in Erlangen. The next day, the Department of Environment and Health of the City of Munich will welcome and host the delegation. The programme continues with a visit to a major medical clinic. A variety of company visits, networking opportunities and round-table discussions will benefit the Dutch companies that develop digital health applications for the German market. In this regard, one advantage of the German healthcare system is its potential for further digitisation.

Urban mobility

Bavaria has a leading position within Europe in the development of sustainable mobility solutions. Its world-class mobility clusters – in which industry, government and knowledge institutes collaborate – set an example for the world. The Amsterdam-Utrecht mission brings together different parties across the mobility sector to exchange knowledge, learn from one another and build sustainable alliances, enabling cooperation between these highly innovative regions. The two-day programme will focus on sharing insights on technology, governance and culture in the fields of sharing mobility, multimodality and mobility as a service. For example, on 13 February, participants will take part in the E-Monday event, which brings companies together in the sector, including large companies such as BMW and MAN, but also over a hundred representatives of the e-mobility sector.

Bootcamp for startups

During the two-day startup bootcamp to Munich, chosen startups and scale-ups from Utrecht and Amsterdam will be introduced to Munich’s thriving startup ecosystem. The startups will gain valuable information from experts, service providers, lead users and peers on a soft landing in Munich, and they will learn how to expand and scale their companies into the German market. An intensive programme will ensure this, featuring networking, pitching opportunities, corporate round-tables and company visits.

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