Amsterdam and Munich's creative-industry collaboration

The Dutch creative industry, which is primarily based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, has been trying to gain a firm foothold in Germany for many years, whether it be through pop music, digital design, architecture or fashion. The same applies for Munich's creative sector, which sees Amsterdam's industry as a key example. “Why not collaborate, and preferably on the basis of reciprocity? That is exactly the idea behind the Creative Embassy concept,” explains Pieter Litjens. “Not a building, not bricks, but people, projects and helping one another.”

Bavaria, with Munich as its capital city, is one of Germany’s driving economic forces. This is precisely why Litjens and his Utrecht-based colleagues visited the iconic city. The cities’ collaboration was agreed upon on 14 February 2017. In addition to the representatives of both cities, there was support from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Kreativ München, Topteam Creatieve Industrie and Federatie Dutch Creative Industries (Dutch link), the umbrella organisation for the Dutch creative industries.

This partnership is the result of a process that was initiated in 2014, which aimed to help the Dutch creative industry gain better access to the German market and, in particular, the Southern German market. The first project is a partnership between Munich University of Applied Sciences and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, based on goals set at the Global Goal Jam, a project launched by the United Nations.