Improving healthcare in Amsterdam and beyond

Seven innovative startups have joined Ahti’s intensive ten-week programme, which started taking applications last June. The participating companies work on cutting-edge healthcare solutions – each one bringing a different but equally promising innovation to the table. Needless to say, the programme is expected to strengthen Amsterdam’s already great MedTech scene.

“Ahti stimulates innovation in care,” says Laurens van Hoorn, Ahti’s managing director. “With this programme, we help startups who are working on healthcare solutions bring their products and services to market.”

Each of the seven startups now has access to Ahti’s extensive network of Amsterdam-based healthcare organisations. The programme is expected to develop tech that will empower healthcare patients and professionals alike – making delivery of services easier to manage, track and improve.

Seven innovative HealthTech startups

The seven participating companies are:

  • 3EGA, a company that helps therapists make evidence-based medication decisions for patients who suffer from recurrent depression.
  • Annovating, who make use of AI and the statistical analysis of physiological data (from smartwatches and fitness trackers) to improve and maintain patients’ well being.
  • Emotional Guidance Guru, whose mobile app helps people unlock their mental and emotional potential through meditation and other mindfulness techniques.
  • Measure, a digital health service that makes hypertension management a possibility at home.
  • MedMee, a startup that is digitising the healthcare sector in a bid to minimise medical and medication errors. The company uses AI, machine learning and other cutting-edge tech to achieve this.
  • Reset Pods, whose scientifically proven stress-reduction methods are both fun and interactive. The platform was specially designed to empower people who suffer from stress.
  • SentoMed, who develop a multidisciplinary and connected health platform that gives asthma patients self-management tools for their condition.