A promising and impactful collaboration

Anyone who’s familiar with Amsterdam’s world-renowned startup ecosystem knows that this is one partnership to watch out for. On the one hand, there’s ACE – known for helping the city’s startups and scale-ups grow and thrive into viable, impactful businesses. On the other hand, we’ve got Schuberg Philis, an ICT company whose engineers are renowned for their revolutionary ways of working and their knowledge of the latest tech developments.

Recently, the two announced that they’re coming together to develop brand-new AI technologies. The first challenge? To design and test tech that can accurately predict unexpected operational incidents. Talk about starting big. The partnership was recently signed at the Amsterdam Science Park’s Startup Village, with Schuberg Philis officially becoming the first member of Innovators Tribe, ACE’s event-driven platform that bridges the gap between research, startups and corporate innovators.  

“As part of the partnership, we will actively share activities leading to innovation projects together – for corporate clients of Schuberg Philis as well as for students and researchers in software engineering,” said Erik Boer, ACE’S director. “It is our strength to stimulate entrepreneurship by offering training, support and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals. By doing so, we empower Amsterdam-based innovators to create high-impact ventures.”

ACE teams up with tech company Schuberg Philis – startups and students in Amsterdam

Sharing the knowledge

Schuberg Philis’ current customers include Rabobank, KLM and MoneYou, and the company’s 225 engineers and developers based in Schiphol are continuously helping their customers explore cutting-edge ideas powered by the latest tech, meaning they have a whole wealth of invaluable lessons to teach. And a team of Schuberg Philis’ engineers have already joined the ACE incubation programme. Needless to say, we’re expecting big things from this partnership.

“We have to innovate continuously, in order to stay relevant in this rapidly changing environment. By partnering with ACE, we can strengthen our innovation ecosystem, getting access to experts that explore the latest developments in artificial intelligence,” said Mike Wessling, one of Schuberg Philis’ talented engineers. “In return, we can share extensive experience in automating complex information processes and cooperating in large business-critical IT ecosystems.”