A productive programme for startups

The 11 companies were selected after a three-month-long scouting phase and the evaluation of over 400 applications from FastTrack events across Europe and the Middle East. The companies, which include one Startup in Residence participant, will complete three months of rigorous training and mentorship in the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living accelerator programme, joining 404 startups that have already successfully completed the programme.

The intense accelerator, beginning in April, will provide the startups with structured masterclasses, partner days and strategic guidance on their business and investment opportunities. Throughout the programme, the participants will benefit from partnerships with high-profile companies such as Cisco, Vodafone, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, PwC and TomTom. These collaborations will allow the companies to access potential customers, industry data and investments. The ultimate goal is for the startups to become industry-leading businesses in their own rights.

The accelerator program will finish on 20 July 2017 with a Demo Day, allowing the 11 companies to present their work to over 400 investors, partners, media outlets and mentors. 

An improved tech and startup ecosystem

Cisco, a global supporter of Startupbootcamp, supports the structural acceleration of innovation and helps contribute to a better startup ecosystem. According to Hendrik Blokhuis, Cisco's director of country digitisation, "More investments will be made in the form of expertise and resources to stimulate this acceleration even further."

“Smart technologies are those based on chips or Artificial Intelligence that can behave in intelligent ways. The future economic potential of such technologies is enormous, especially in industries such as education, health and urban planning,” said Marc Wesselink, managing director of Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living. ”Our new startups are breaking new grounds in these fields.”

The participating startups

  1. Coavmi – France: this flight-sharing platform connects private pilots with prospective passengers.
  2. KAKIS positive sanitation – Slovenia: KAKIS offers outdoor wooden composting toilets that are user-friendly and provide a waste-free natural cycle.
  3. Leave Your Luggage – Netherlands: Leave Your Luggage is an easy online solution for travellers who want to store their luggage at the airport.
  4. Mahlzeit (German link) – Germany: this service helps canteens reconnect with their daily guests.
  5. Mr. Clouseau – Netherlands: this startup utilises a wireless IoT data network to provide customers with a low-cost, easy-to-use product to track their bicycles and other valuables.
  6. Onh – Israel: web platform Onh offers control over facility maintenance for contractors and inspectors by supervising maintenance checks.
  7. Orkestro – United Kingdom: Orkestro connects online retailers with local on-demand couriers, helping businesses track and assign their local deliveries and rapidly scale delivery operations.
  8. Porter – Portugal: This startup transforms customers’ smartphones into a digital key chain, replacing all their keys and key cards.
  9. Rolling Promotion – Latvia: Rolling Promotion offers transparent ad information by placing banners on bikes and providing detailed reports of recorded GPS data.
  10. SharePeople (Dutch link) – Netherlands: This startup gives entrepreneurs cheap access to incapacity income, combined with a fun method of personal development.
  11. Xseed, Startup in Residence participant – Netherlands: Xseed developed a self-learning algorithm that protects business projects against the errors that push-back delivery dates and increase costs.
Check out Startupbootcamp's website for more information.