Creative talent in Amsterdam

The global recruitment search firm The Talent Boom has recently opened an office in Amsterdam.

Headquartered in South Africa, The Talent Boom specializes in finding talent for the creative, digital, tech, and marketing sectors. They work with advertising agencies, startups, sports agencies, and corporations across the globe.

The Talent Boom’s global clients include advertising agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy, and McCann, as well as global brands such as Burger King and Adidas.

Amsterdam the obvious choice

“We are excited to open our second office at The Talent Boom and for me, setting up in Amsterdam was an obvious move”, said the company’s founder Emily Keyes. “The Talent Boom is very much based on global creative foundations, and having worked in Amsterdam previously, I’m excited to be back in the forefront of such a solid creative international playground.”

“Our talent network is constantly and rapidly expanding across Europe, with talent already based there as well as top executive creative talent in other continents who want to be working at some of the big players in Europe,” Bates added.

The Talent Boom is currently active in more than 20 countries, and plans to open offices in other countries in the near future. Their global reach allows them to match local talent across their core markets in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US.

The city helps match talent to jobs

Amsterdam is no stranger to the recruitment business. The city’s Expatcenter provides a one-stop-shop service for both employers and employees, and helps to streamline the necessary paperwork, while also offering advice on other expat-related matters like taxes, healthcare, education, parking, and childcare. Amsterdam has even created its own job site, which offers thousands of non-Dutch speaking jobs in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.