A forum for sharing knowledge in Amsterdam

Gaining and sharing knowledge is a key to success in the tech industry and startup scene, and so the TechSummits aim at becoming the perfect forum for this exchange, where everyone contributes and everyone benefits. Taking the summit’s theme “Designing for Scalability” as a starting point, some of the topics covered at the Amsterdam edition are deploying apps at massive scale, load balancing and load testing, how to build a great site reliability team and secret management. But while the presentations are concerned with suitably important topics, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is an emphasis on cool venues, good food and providing ample opportunity for having a beer or two.

Expert speakers

All speakers have years of hands-on experience developing powerful tech solutions. Speakers and topics in Amsterdam include: Alex Schoof, principal engineer at Fugue, talking about managing secrets at scale; Matthias Rampke, engineer at SoundCloud, about load balancing at SoundCloud and Jorge Salamero Sanz, chief developer evangelist at ServerDensity, about the innovative way his company makes sure engineers are always ready to respond to incidents.

LeaseWeb’s TechSummit Amsterdam

LeaseWeb is a global infrastructure-as-a-service brand located in Amsterdam and firmly rooted in the city’s tech scene. And startups happen to be among their favourite type of customers. The company has been organising its TechSummits for a few years, starting out as small get-togethers of employees talking tech. But last year’s edition was so successful, boasting 200 attendees and around 20 speakers, that they have now expanded the concept for 2016, organising multiple TechSummits in prime locations such as Berlin and Amsterdam. The aim: giving back to the tech community. 

Find more information and to register, visit the TechSummit website