Students contribute greatly to Amsterdam

A new study by the EP-Nuffic, a foundation that focuses on internationalisation in education, shows that many international students choose to remain in the Netherlands after graduation. Those who stay on to work in the Netherlands deliver 1.57 billion euros to the national economy every year. The new figures (Dutch link) were published during International Student Week, which took place from 16 to 21 November.

More than a third stay

There are almost 75,000 international full-time students at Dutch universities and colleges, from 161 different countries. Between 35% and 42% of them are still living in the Netherlands five years after graduation, and their employment rates and earnings are on par with their Dutch peers. International students in the disciplines of engineering and medicine remain more often and longer in the Netherlands. This also applies to students from outside of Europe and students in higher education.

The highest number of graduates who stay in the Netherlands after their studies come from Germany, China, Indonesia, Poland and Belgium. Even when they return to their country of origin, these international students act as ambassadors for Dutch education and business, opening diplomatic and economic doors.

Amsterdam attractive on many fronts

There are many reasons that make Amsterdam, a city in which one-in-eight residents is a student, so attractive to international students. In terms of English proficiency, the Netherlands ranks number one out of 72 countries. The education available here is also of the highest quality, and is comparatively affordable. Amsterdam also makes a big effort to link education with career opportunities, in the form of jobs and internships, especially for students of technology, life sciences, marketing and business. The city even offers students a special orientation year visa