Amsterdam as a base for Europe and beyond

The American ink manufacturer STS Inks has opened a new office, warehouse and distribution headquarters at Airport Business Park Lijnden, near Schiphol. The new STS Europe distribution centre will let customers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa order a wide range of the company’s wide-format ink replacements.

Founded in 1999, STS is an American manufacturer of premium-quality inks that are compatible with most major brands of large-format printers. STS currently has worldwide distributors in more than 150 countries throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

STS in good company at Schiphol

With its new location at Schiphol, STS will be joining a host of dynamic companies, of all sizes. The district is consistently brimming with energy, and more than 500 companies and 65,000 employees are based here. Companies to have set up shop in the Schiphol area include Microsoft, Citibank, Danone, Cargill and many others.

The region is easily accessible by plane, train, car, bus and even by bicycle. The presence of a train station and ample parking make the area even more attractive, especially with parking opportunities sometimes scarce in the city centre.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a genuine European gateway, with 317 flight connections to airports in 98 countries, offered by more than 100 airlines from all over the world. This makes Schiphol one of Europe’s four main airports. Schiphol is close to the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Rotterdam, and an extensive network of rail and road transport offers easy access to all of the main European markets. Over the next few years, the area will continue to develop into one of the most efficient and cosmopolitan business locations in the Netherlands.