Cooperation North Sea Region

On Monday the 7th of March 2016, all Interreg partners gathered to get to know each other and participated in a workshop on lean landing. The three year Interreg project is subsidised by the EU and will develop and implement an innovative lean soft landing cooperation between six North Sea countries. Supporting innovative and value-creating internationalisation efforts and partnerships among SMEs are essential for the future competitiveness, productivity and knowledge economy of the North Sea Region (NSR). Participating countries are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Exchange between incubators

Via joint efforts between an extensive network of participating incubators in the six countries, the concept will be developed, offered to and tested on 250 SMEs that reside in the incubators. The soft landing programme will have as its purpose to create profit-enhancing knowledge partnerships between SMEs in the six countries, as well as between SMEs and knowledge and business development institutions. This will be done by offering exchange opportunities for SMEs between the incubators.

Soft landing blue print

The programme results will be made publicly accessible and will be translated into a lean soft landing blue print. There will also be a NSR fair held for future networking and knowledge sharing between incubators and policy makers in the entire EU.

StartupAmsterdam and partners

As part of its action programme measure hub2hub, StartupAmsterdam is leading the project in Amsterdam. StartupAmsterdam has involved the following partners in the project: B. Amsterdam, Open House, The Startup Orgy and Dutchbasecamp.