Amsterdam Science Park keeps expanding

On 2 November, the Startup Village in Amsterdam Science Park officially opened its doors. This visionary tech-startup initiative was created by partners including the Amsterdam Science Park and the ACE Venture Lab incubator.

The village consists of modern, container-based offices, and the first companies have now officially moved in. Metrica Sports, for example, makes software for athletes, and their technology is already being used by the Spanish football club Villareal. Another is Aiir Innovations, which develops artificial intelligence that airlines can use to improve the way they maintain aeroplane parts.

The village will continue to expand over the next few months, with the goal of having about 25 startups housed here by early 2017. The village will also be starting other innovation labs and event spaces, and Innovation Exchange Amsterdam has announced it will be opening more scientific incubators in Amsterdam soon.

ACE Venture Lab will provide coaching and mentoring to the startups, with Amsterdam Science Park providing facilities and a business network that includes other entrepreneurs and large multinationals.

Focus on science

The Startup Village is unique in its focus on science-based startups. “There are plenty of startup spaces in Amsterdam, but none of them are so closely connected to the university and to science,” said ACE Venture Lab manager Erik Boer. Startup Village, he said, is “most of all a laboratory for renewing concept in all kinds of areas: from artificial intelligence to green chemistry, and from physics to biodiversity.”

Even the rooves of the container offices can be used as labs with real-time measurements and experiments, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Green Campus. The village is also especially accessible to students, and offers them a low-barrier way to start up their own company at a location where they have easy access to the knowledge of renowned scientific institutions.

Unique meeting place

Amsterdam Science Park is a unique juncture of research, education, and business that have been carefully cultivated to stimulate innovation and collaboration. With universities, dozens of renowned research institutes, and about 120 companies working in technology, life sciences, and sustainability, and other areas, Amsterdam Science Park is a vibrant melting pot where business, science, and innovation all meet.