Amsterdam a region ripe for gaming

Daum Games Europe is the global publishing arm of Daum Games Co. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Kakao Corp. Based in Amstelveen, where they employ about 20 people, Daum Games Europe was founded in 2015 to bring the company’s popular online game Black Desert to the European and North American markets. Before then, the game had only been available in the South Korean market. Black Desert has been widely praised for its sophisticated and highly detailed way of allowing game-players to alter their online avatars.

Daum recently announced that Black Desert had sold 400,000 units in its very first month (the game officially launched on 3 March), and that's just for the European and North American markets. The company’s CEO MinSung Kim said that they expect upwards of one million paid subscribers in these markets by the end of 2016.

Amsterdam a great place for South Korean businesses

An increasing number of Korean operators are making the most of this central location to connect with the 500 million potential customers in the European marketplace. South Korean firms with a presence in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area include Samsung, SK Lubricants, Korean Air, SK Lubricants, and LG Electronics.

There are also many facilities that help South Korean expats feel instantly at home in the Amsterdam region. For example, there is a dedicated Korean school, as well as other renowned international schools, Korean restaurants, and three Korean churches. There are also frequent business and expat networking events, often organised in collaboration with the KOTRA, a South-Korean government organisation that works on promoting South Korea’s economic interests abroad.