Amsterdam as gateway to Europe

The American company Mizu is expanding internationally by opening its European headquarters in Amsterdam. The company’s newly-created subsidiary Mizu Europe B.V. will house an office, warehouse, and a printing operation.

Founded in 2008, Mizu (the Japanese word for “ water” ) produces and sells bottles and containers that are geared toward active consumers who spend a lot of time outdoors. The idea behind the California-based Mizu is that people should drink from reusable, eco-friendly drinkware, instead of disposable plastic bottles.

“With the addition of this new operation in Amsterdam, we can directly serve all of Europe with better product selection, centralized shipping, improved marketing, and a printing operation,”  said Mizu’s CEO Tim Pogue.

Part of the sustainable, circular city

By choosing for Amsterdam, Mizu will be at the heart of a city that actively focuses on sustainability and the circular economy. The city consistently scores high in global rankings of sustainable cities, and is working on becoming even more sustainable.

For example, efforts are underway to increase the number of households that use locally-generated electricity, and the city is improving its air quality by promoting the use of electric transport.

Other examples of how the City of Amsterdam has been a pioneer the circular economy include its use of office furniture: Amsterdam has entered into a contract with a supplier that buys old furniture and then restores it, recycling raw materials in high-impact ways. Amsterdam is also looking into the recycling of concrete, as the city uses large quantities of concrete in its public spaces. Similar projects are underway in terms of construction materials, and in the demolition and renovation of buildings. These measures and more are outlined (Dutch link) in the city's Sustainability Agenda.