New jobs created in Amsterdam

In 2015, a record number of 140 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In three years’ time, these companies will jointly provide for 2,953 jobs. Besides the new companies coming in from abroad, 35 already-established international companies have expanded their operation, resulting in 3,068 extra jobs in 2015

According to alderperson Kajsa Ollongren (economic affairs), "I am very proud of these figures. Amsterdam – and the region as a whole – is clearly on the up. International talent evidently feels at home here, which is fantastic news. That ensures companies from all over the world continue to establish here and fuels our economy."

ICT & tech a key sector

A substantial proportion of the newly arrived companies (36) operate in the ICT and tech sector. Business and financial services form another key sector for the Amsterdam area, with 23 new international companies arriving who will jointly provide for 420 jobs after three years. Fifteen new companies active in the creative industry set up shop in 2015, and they will provide for 367 jobs after three years.   

Majority of new companies from the United States

The majority of the newly arrived companies (47) originate from the United States, among which were Shutterstock and WeWork. Fifteen new companies came over from the United Kingdom. The number of establishing companies from Asian nations grew slightly compared to 2014: 36 new Asian companies established offices here in 2015, compared to 30 companies in 2014. The majority of these Asian companies originate from China and Japan, such as the China Construction Bank and Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Europe. 

Head offices and marketing & sales

The favourable location and excellent physical and digital accessibility make the Amsterdam area an attractive place for European headquarters. This is also reflected in the figures: in 2015, the region attracted 42 new international headquarters, such as the European head office of the American company Advise Technologies. Marketing and sales offices furthermore remain strongly represented in the region. Last year, 77 international businesses opened a marketing and sales office here. All in all, these offices will provide for 2,569 new jobs after three years

International talent

The growth figures of the Expatcenter continue to demonstrate Amsterdam’s appeal to international talent. In 2015 the Expatcenter helped more than 10,000 expats settle in the region. This represents a growth of 26% compared to the year before. The collaboration with regional municipalities expanded in 2015 to also include the municipality of Haarlem. Since 2015, the Expatcenter is authorised to issue both the startup visa and orientation year permits for recent graduates. 

Attractive startup environment

Activities by StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta contribute directly to the growth of jobs. Numerous startups and scale-ups opened their doors in the Amsterdam area in 2015, including Flexport, StartMonday and Leaddesk. At the same time, tech-based companies such as, Uber, Palo Alto Networks and Salesforce expanded their activities in Amsterdam with hundreds of new employees. 

About amsterdam inbusiness 

amsterdam inbusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In this agency, the municipalities of Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlemmermeer and Amsterdam work together to create an attractive investment environment for the international business community. amsterdam inbusiness is part of the Invest in Holland network, which also includes the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, other regional development agencies and major cities in the Netherlands. In the past year, this network brought in more than 300 foreign investment projects, creating some 9,300 jobs. This represents an investment sum of €1.87 billion.