Schiphol expands as Amsterdam thrives

On 15 March 2016, the shareholders of the Schiphol Group announced the approval of plans to develop a new pier and terminal at Schiphol. These new structures will help achieve the long-term capacity growth that is needed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The new terminal, scheduled for completion in 2023, will be to the south of Schiphol Plaza, next to the air traffic control tower. It will be connected to the existing terminal, and will serve about 14 million passengers per year. The flexible new pier is expected to be ready for use in late 2019.

Investment in capacity and quality 

Schiphol wants to strengthen its competitive position, which means the airport's capacity and quality need to grow. Schiphol has been welcoming more and more passengers in recent years, and the airport needs additional space to accommodate this growth. 

"We are making investments in order to reinforce, improve, and expand our infrastructure, our quality, and our accessibility,” said the Schiphol Group CEO Jos Nijhuis. The new pier and terminal represent “a hefty investment that will simultaneously provide the foundation for our continued capacity growth,” he said.

Some of the preparatory work for the new pier and terminal is already underway, for example updates to roads and the addition of new parking facilities. The airport will also be investing in the train station area, the bus station, and other parts of the airport, which will all help to strengthen Schiphol’s competitive position internationally.

A leading European airport 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe’s top four airports, and served more than 58 million passengers in 2015. Schiphol is also the third-largest European airport in terms of cargo, and is a major driver of the regional Dutch economy, generating jobs for about 64,000 people.