Amsterdam a natural fit

The new hotel-office hybrid known as Zoku recently opened its first location in Amsterdam.

Containing a fully equipped kitchen, storage space, and an elevated, loft-style sleeping space, each room can also be transformed into a work area. Zoku is targeted at guests who are looking for a modern living space with quick connections to the city’s business, culture, entertainment, and shopping areas. It was designed together with local architectural firm Concrete, and its rooms are also suitable for long stays.

As Zoku’s managing director Hans Meyer said in a press release, “Zoku reflects Amsterdam’s modern values of diversity, entrepreneurship and creativity.”

“Amsterdam is a natural fit,” the release continues, due to its role as “a leading European hub for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Knowledge Mile

Zoku Amsterdam is located on the Weesperstraat, which provides easy access to all parts of the city. The local area is known as the “knowledge mile“ due to its concentration of commercial, educational and entrepreneurial talent. Next door is a large branch of the international co-working space WeWork. Zoku also partnered with the recent Startup Fest Europe to function as a home base for the international attendees.

Towards a greener Amsterdam

Located in a former office building, Zoku Amsterdam transformed the rooftop into an urban green garden for natural ventilation and rainwater capture, a project that was co-financed by the City of Amsterdam. The public rooftop garden allows residents and locals to experience all the seasons in the middle of an urban environment.

The company plans to expand soon to other European creativity hubs such as London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris.