Amsterdam as first international Nextdoor office

Several years after its successful introduction in the United States, the social networking site for neighbours known as Nextdoor is expanding abroad. The company recently opened its first international office in Amsterdam. 

As NOS reports (Dutch link), Nextdoor is already used by residents in more than 90,000 neighbourhoods in the United States. The service can be used, for example, to arrange a neighbourhood barbecue, or post a notice about a lost cat. 

As co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia told Fortune, the decision to set up the first international office in Amsterdam had a lot to do with the Dutch mentality. The Dutch, he said, have “a sense of belonging and togetherness” and are “engaged in their communities.” Tolia also said that the Netherlands is a perfect test site for Nextdoor because the Dutch are known as early adopters of social networking services.

Fast growth in the Netherlands

The Nextdoor service has been in private beta in the Netherlands for three months, and already has members in 93 communities. On 16 February, the service was officially opened to all residents of the Netherlands. 

Tolia said that because the Dutch tend to be civic-minded early adopters, Nextdoor is actually growing faster in the Netherlands than it originally did in the United States. Early signs, for example, suggest that Dutch users of the site are more likely than their American counterparts to give away free items, organize local events, and use the site more actively.

Open data

Another benefit to launching in the Netherlands, said Nextdoor’s country manager in the Netherlands Tamar Van De Paal, is the country’s attitude to making important data publicly available. “What is special about the Netherlands,” she said, “is that a lot of information is pretty well organized, but also made available publicly. There’s a lot of open data.