Connecting businesses in Amsterdam

The Launchpad Meetups are small-scale, high-impact events, which are organised in-house at participating corporates. In advance, these corporates state a challenge and then invite three startups to their boardroom to pitch their innovative solutions, inspire them and spark new collaborations. The corporates’ decision-makers are present and eager to collaborate. A Launchpad Meetup usually takes between two and three hours.

On a mission to connect

Organised by StartupAmsterdam, TNW and EY, in collaboration with the network partners KPMGKLMAmsterdam Marketing and Holland Fintech, the Launchpad Meetups come from a strong belief that startups and corporations can form mutually beneficial relationships – as opposed to the old idea that one will always end up having to buy the other out. The organisers firmly believe that startups and corporates can learn, and gain, from one another. And that’s the idea behind the Launchpad Meetups: small, powerful events with the mission to connect disrupting startups with Amsterdam’s finest corporates.

Inside the boardroom of big-name companies

For the third edition of the Launchpad Meetups, some of the biggest Amsterdam-based corporates will open the doors to their headquarters, giving promising startups the opportunity to pitch their disruptive ideas to help them solve important innovation challenges. Last year, 22 Meetups were hosted, and this year this number is expected to be doubled. The event boasts a considerable list of participating corporates, including: 

  • ABN Amro

  • AEB

  • Ahold

  • Belastingdienst

  • Charco & Dique

  • City of Amsterdam

  • Dell

  • Disney Channels

  • Domino's Pizza

  • Douane

  • EY

  • Gemeente Almere

  • Gemeente Haarlem

  • Hill + Knowlton

  • KLM

  • KPMG

  • KPN

  • Microsoft

  • Nuon

  • Optiver

  • Oracle

  • Paradiso

  • Parcel International

  • Philips

  • Port of Amsterdam

  • PostNL

  • Rabobank

  • Randstad

  • RAI Amsterdam

  • Royal FloraHolland

  • Salesforce

  • SAP

  • Schuberg Philis

  • TomTom

  • Transavia

  • USG

  • VIVAT Verzekeringen

  • Vopak

A successful concept

Successes from earlier Meetups have proven that the concept works. Collaborations that have come about as a result of the Meetups include Oracle exploring big data in retail with the help of startup 904Labs and EY’s collaboration with Declaree, which has simplified the corporate’s declarations process by digitisation.

Take part

The Launchpad Meetups are an ideal opportunity for startups looking for a corporate company as a potential launching customer or testbed. Startups can find more information on how to apply and a list of the submitted challenges on the Launchpad Meetups website. Corporates eager to be inspired by disruptive ideas can find more information here, or get in touch with StartupAmsterdam.

Launchpad Meetups Trailer 2016