Laying SCALE’s foundations in Amsterdam

SCALE helps establish a transparent European startup ecosystem that enables startups to scale to the various European markets. SCALE connects and fortifies the supportive structures that are already in place, bringing together European municipal governments, universities, corporates and startups. By generating engagement on a European scale, SCALE can help startups make the most of the vast EU market. Its foundations were laid on 25 May 2016, when startup organisations of 11 European cities came together in Amsterdam. At this first meeting, taking place at B.Amsterdam, they discussed topics such as governmental support, legal issues, transparency and metrics and connecting startups on four roundtables. The participating cities are London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Rome, Brussels, Oslo, Amsterdam and Lisbon. It was the first time for so many startup organisations from European cities to come together and join forces for the benefit of startups wanting to scale.

Too often policies are made without involving the people and organisations they’re really about. But for the first SCALE meeting, every participating startup organisation was asked to bring the founder of their city’s most promising startup. At the meeting, these startups could present their insights on scaling up and gave advice to the startup organisations.

The SCALE community

The European Startup Monitor report of 2015, released in March 2016, observes that European startups are “job engines” and “innovation drivers”. However, the 2300 startups surveyed indicated that they hope for “improvements in political regulations and bureaucracy” and state that there are significant differences between European countries. SCALE aims to bridge those differences by sharing knowledge, knowing each other’s strengths and making use of networks on a city level.

The aim of SCALE is not to create something new but to combine existing content and organisation. One goal of SCALE is to launch a community website to exchange knowledge between SCALE’s partners. Within the community, partners can share information about Europe’s startup ecosystem, such as relevant contact details, insights into local ecosystems, funding opportunities in the various cities, investment networks, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces. SCALE collects and coherently distributes this information, helping startups to scale up into other European cities much more easily.