Increasing number of international employees in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area continues to attract international businesses, and many international companies that are already based here are extending their operations. This brings with it an increase of international employees – many of them with families – living in the area or looking to move here. In addition, Amsterdam attracts other internationals such as startup entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers and students. As a result, demand for international school places has risen and continues to do so. International Amsterdammers are important for the region, and high-quality international education is the number-one priority for internationals with children and those planning to start a family.

High-quality international schooling in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Area already offers a large number of high-quality international schools. All thirteen schools are within max 45 minutes reach of the World Trade Center Amsterdam. However, many of these schools have waiting lists. Thus the municipalities of the Amsterdam Area have joined forces for the Delta Plan for International Education, which will ensure a minimum of 750 additional places within the next two years, and another minimum of 750 places in the following two years.

Bilingual education and Dutch education for international children

As confirmed in OECD reports, the Dutch school system (which also includes bilingual schools) is outstanding. Therefore the Delta Plan also focuses on making regular schools more international, improving available information for international children entering the regular system and encouraging internationals wanting to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period to send their children to a regular Dutch or bilingual school. The so-called newcomers’ classes, where international children can learn Dutch before joining a regular class, are an example for measures taken in that regard.

List of international schools in Amsterdam and beyond

The following is a list of English-language international schools in the Amsterdam Area and the rest of the Netherlands. Information about current availability can be found here.

  • International Primary School Almere (Almere)
  • International School Almere (Almere)
  • International School of Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
  • Amsterdam International Community School (Amsterdam)
  • British School of Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
  • European School Bergen (Bergen)
  • International Primary School Hilversum (Hilversum)
  • International Primary School (ATC, Hilversum)
  • International Secondary School (ATC, Hilversum)
  • The British School in the Netherlands (The Hague)
  • Elckerlyc International School (Leiden)
  • International School Rijnlands Lyceum (Oegstgeest)
  • International School Utrecht (Utrecht)

More information

Find more information about the Dutch school system, about international schools in the Amsterdam Area and the current number of their available places. Or have a look at the studying in Amsterdam website to find out more about universities and colleges in Amsterdam.