First Coderclass in the Netherlands

Starting this fall, the Metis Montessori highschool and StartupAmsterdam launch a Coderclass for twelve-year-olds. This educational program enables young, talented students to flourish in coding, programming, robotics, web development, and more tech-related subjects. Five hours a week. All year round. Throughout their entire highschool career.

Friday 26 February principal Huseyin Asma and school board member Ferd Stouten presented the program in the presence of alderman Kajsa Ollongren and Dutch television station RTL.

Tailor-made education

Not only is the Coderclass a great place to discover and further educate local tech talent, but also a great way to showcase new ways of digital education. Tailor-made education is key to further enthuse and challenge students. Through working with badges, modules and projects, students have the possibility to progress and specialise based on their personal skill levels and interests.

Bridging the gap between highschool graduates and tech employees

Following the need for highly skilled tech employees, corporates and startups are more than willing to contribute. In addition to co-creating educational content, they offer internships and guidance to the Coderclass. This way the students learn how to use their recently acquired digital skills in a professional and safe environment.  

We are one step closer to bridging the gap between highschool graduates and tech employees thanks to the support of corporates and startups such as: MicrosoftIBMCodecult, Schuberg PhilisQ42Ortec, and Codaisseur

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