Amsterdam to host the CEOs of the world’s biggest tech brands

On May 24 2016, the Beurs van Berlage will be hosting Europe’s most promising startups, as well as the world’s leading venture capitalists. The impressive list of keynote speakers at the opening of Startup Fest Europe includes Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet), Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) and Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO of Airbnb).

Startup Fest Europe

These business luminaries will all be in town for Startup Fest Europe, a series of events that will take place from 24-28 May. More than 28 events will be held in 14 cities across the Netherlands, with many in Amsterdam. During this eventful week, Amsterdam will transform into the centre of the global startup community, with a varied programme of events. Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, hackers, investors, and corporate innovators will get together to create tomorrow’s economy. Startup Fest Europe is an initiative of StartupDelta, whose goal is to establish a thriving and competitive ecosystem in the Netherlands. 

For a full week, the Netherlands will showcase the fields of expertise in which it excels: high tech, health, energy, food and agriculture, and water technology. There will be special events for different sectors: the Energy Fest in Amsterdam on 26 May, for example, will explore how innovators are tackling the biggest energy transition challenges that society faces. It will bring together companies such as Shell, DSM, Eneco, Rockstart, Sungevity, and Salesforce.

Making deals

This world-class event is also very much about making deals, and facilitates matchmaking between startups, funds, talent, and centres of excellence. The world’s leading venture capitalists will also be in attendance, representing VC firms such as Golden Gate Ventures, Balderton, Omidyar, Northzone, and Insight Venture Partners. 

Startup Fest Europe is an official EU presidency event, and is supported by the ministry of Economic Affairs and the ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.